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ATM & Co. – Jackpotting

ATMs, account statement printers, transfer terminals, cash vaults, and similar devices have become an essential part of everyday life to carry out banking transactions quickly and effectively without having to interact directly with a bank employee.

As an operator or manufacturer of banking terminals, you definitely do not want contents to fall into the wrong hands.

This is where we come into play

We – at Mantodea Security – professionally and thoroughly check both hardware and software of all self-service terminals with related technologies to highlight and close realistic attack vectors.

In doing so, we use our years of expertise in circumventing protection mechanisms of self-service terminals like ATMs with very good results. In the past, we have been able to identify vulnerabilities at all levels of the architecture and develop appropriate software to exploit these vulnerabilities specifically. The use of Extension for Financial Services (XFS) to manipulate functionality is a prime example of this.

Simply put

  • Secure banking terminals
  • Professional & detailed review of your hardware & software systems
  • Years of expertise & good results in the area of protection mechanisms
  • Vulnerability identification at all levels of architecture
  • Specially developed software for targeted professional use

This overview provides just a snapshot of our extensive service offerings. Count on us for expert security analysis guidance tailored to your business.

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