Penetration Testing

Putting Security to the Test



Penetration Testing – Putting Security to the Test

Smart penetration tests by Mantodea Security strengthen digital resilience and are a traditional, essential tool for ensuring the security of networks, systems, and applications in the world of information security. Our classic penetration tests are characterized by a strong focus on manual checks, thorough analyses, and a detailed understanding of the target systems.

Automated tools are used only for support, with results subsequently manually verified. Since this is our standard approach, we are capable of identifying serious vulnerabilities that have remained undetected in previous tests.

The advantages of this method lie in the accuracy of the findings.

Manual tests can uncover complex security gaps that automated tools may not detect. Thus, significantly reducing the number of false positives. This method requires extensive expertise, which is ensured by our Senior Consultants.


Distinguishing from Vulnerability Assessment & Red Team Assessment

A penetration test differs from a vulnerability assessment in that it verifies vulnerabilities rather than just showing the results of an automated scan. We do not conduct vulnerability assessments, as we see them offering too little added value.

While a penetration test primarily focuses on vulnerabilities, a Red Team Assessment focuses on your company as a whole. The penetration test deals exclusively with technical vulnerabilities, whereas the Red Team Assessment examines your employees, your responsiveness, and your processes.

Cloud Security

Mantodea Security offers a variety of important and meaningful penetration tests, conducted by experienced specialists!

Simply put

  • Penetration tests enhance digital resilience
  • Thorough analysis & detailed understanding
  • Precise information
  • Sophisticated testing method
  • Focus on manual detection of technical vulnerabilities

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