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Are you looking for more than just a job?

We’re on the lookout for IT specialists and innovative thinkers for our marketing and sales teams. Your achievements on paper are secondary to us. Your skills and enthusiasm for ensuring 100% security – for both our clients and our daily operations – are what truly matter. We cherish those who think independently, focusing on solutions rather than problems, and for whom creativity is a hallmark.

The concept of discretion is second nature to you. We value careful judgment and professional discretion.

For you, identifying system vulnerabilities and errors represents exciting challenges rather than roadblocks. Your strengths lie in your solid background and unwavering reliability. You don’t just stay “up to date”; you’re actively contributing to the future of IT security.

As a team player, you maintain your composure under pressure, oversee everything with clarity, and communicate effectively. Your approach to independent work is characterized by precision, efficiency and an ability to see beyond the average. For you, 1000% security isn’t satisfactory, and mediocrity isn’t in your repertoire.

At Mantodea Security, we think and operate differently.

That’s why we’re not looking for the typical applicant but individuals who resonate with our ethos. Dive into your Mantodea dream job by telling us why you’re the right fit.

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Unfortunately, we do not have any vacancies at the moment. However, we welcome pro-active applications at any time.