Offensive Threat Intelligence

Continuous Analysis


Offensive Threat Intelligence – Continuous Analysis

Our Offensive Threat Intelligence (OTI) service includes continuous analysis and monitoring of your client systems regarding their current security status. Unlike traditional approaches, systems & environments are not only checked once in a limited period but are continuously analyzed for new vulnerabilities.

By systematically evaluating attack patterns, vulnerabilities, and tactics, your company gains crucial information to optimize key defensive strategies.

Intelligent Enhancement of Overall Security

The constant monitoring of your systems is our clear focus. All software applications are identified and matched with new entries from Threat Intelligence Feeds.

If necessary, exploits for recently discovered vulnerabilities (N-Days) are developed to verify them or to demonstrate how attackers could exploit these.

This proactive approach allows for the early detection and closure of security gaps before attackers have the opportunity to exploit them. Thus, Offensive Threat Intelligence is a crucial tool to enhance the security of your business and ensure effective protection of digital infrastructures.

Simply put

  • Holistic view instead of snapshots
  • Permanent & ongoing analyses
  • Timely transmission of new threats
  • Enhancement of the overall security level
  • Predictable costs & high cost transparency
  • Increased effectiveness & time savings

This overview provides just a snapshot of our extensive service offerings. Count on us for expert security analysis guidance tailored to your business.

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