Tabletop Exercise

Practicing for the Real Thing


Tabletop Exercise – Practicing for the Real Thing

A Tabletop Exercise (TTX) is a theoretical exercise where company leaders come together to walk through potential attack scenarios to optimize internal crisis management.

TTX can help you plan for incidents, refine existing protocols, and prepare employees for their roles and responsibilities should a hypothetical situation become reality.

TTX workshops are customized to your company and offer a quick and cost-effective way to test security procedures in the event of an actual emergency. We bring key personnel together to discuss best practices for specific scenarios and personal responsibilities. Tabletop Exercise outlines the simplest, applicable defense mechanisms to protect your business.

Unlike a pure Red Team Assessment, no real attacks are conducted here. TTX simply deals with the question “What if …?”.

For your information: TTX can precede a Red Team Assessment.

Simply put

  • Theoretical exercise for the real thing
  • Support in incident planning
  • Protocol refinement
  • Precision of personal responsibility

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