Red Teaming

Attack as Defense


Red Teaming – Attack as Defense

With a Red Team Test, we can simulate a real attack to test your threat detection capabilities and train your Blue Team in refining their defensive responses.

In classic Red Team projects, our goal is to achieve a predefined objective, such as taking over the Domain Controller or accessing a specific document in the network without being detected. Your Blue Team, on the other hand, tries to detect and counter our attacks.

Our expertise for your security

Compromising externally accessible systems and applications.

Social Engineering to manipulate individuals or groups to obtain confidential information or gain access to secured areas.

Physical checks for attacks on security measures like access controls and surveillance systems.

Red Teaming

We distinguish the following options

This variant is a comprehensive Red Team Assessment, particularly beneficial for organizations with an experienced Blue Team. It involves both the initial compromise of your network (Initial Access) and subsequent spread within the internal network (Lateral Movement). Your Blue Team tries to fend off our attacks throughout the process.

This testing variant is aimed mainly at organizations that have no or only a very rudimentary Blue Team. It involves examining the entire network for vulnerabilities without much regard for discretion.

This focuses on your business’s defensive and responsive capabilities against realistic ransomware attacks. A controlled ransomware attack is carried out on parts or your entire network to evaluate the effectiveness of detection, backup, and recovery strategies.

This method assumes the compromise of your network. Our goal is to test internal security measures by conducting attacks and checking for further persistence from a deployed employee computer.

The focus here is clearly on advanced attack scenarios to test responsiveness to complex threats. APT attacks by specific actors (e.g., certain hacker groups) with their specific behaviors are emulated to test resilience against them.

Instead of starting with separate Red and Blue Teams, an operation can be organized directly as a Purple Team. Offensive and defensive experts work together from the start to develop a holistic security perspective. This way, attack scenarios and defense strategies are developed, tested, and optimized simultaneously. We consistently notice the positive impact of good collaboration between Red Team and Blue Team.

Simply put

  • Simulation of real attacks
  • Testing threats
  • Refining defensive responses
  • Raising awareness among your employees
  • Various methods ensure comprehensive corporate security

This overview provides just a snapshot of our extensive service offerings. Count on us for expert security analysis guidance tailored to your business.

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